Black Physicians Network


Greater Rochester

The Challenge

If you are a young black youth in Rochester, it is very  likely that you do not have any physicians in your family.  You may never have met a black physician or had the chance to ask questions about their career path. Many young people never get a chance to be inspired by others who have successfully overcome the  challenges faced when pursuing a career in medicine. Many  teenagers give up their dreams and never realize their potential due to  lack of mentoring and positive role modeling. Others give up because they lack the resources or competencies required to pursue medical careers.

In 2015, over 60 of Rochester’s Black Physicians and behavioral health professionals joined together to  address this need. We offer mentoring, shadowing opportunities, networking, as well as educational stipends and scholarships.

We are partnering with each other and our community to promote excellence in our youth and  the Greater Rochester Region.


The members of our network pursue opportunities to encourage black youth who are interested in careers in medicine to follow their dreams. We help guide students through the rigorous educational requirements that must be met to pursue a career in medicine. We are helping to mentor tomorrows doctors, scientists, psychologists and other health care workers of tomorrow. Learn More


Black Physicians Network of Greater Rochester, Inc provides tangible role models for black youth interested in pursing careers in medicine. We provide opportunities for students to shadow black physicians in their offices. Our physicians also speak to youth throughout our community about our path to fullfilling our dreams and how they to can succeed.   Learn More


Black Physicians Network of Greater Rochester Inc. facilitates networking among black physicians throughout the community. We join physicians from across all intsitutions in the Rochester area to support not only each other but the youth in our community.     Learn More


Black Physicians Network of Greater Rochester Inc. realizes that financial limitations can prevent black youth from taking advantage of educational opportunities. We realize that low socioeconomic status can lead youth to take low paying jobs in lieu of pursuing educational opportunities. In many cases, students give up their dreams of careers in medicine. We work to address the financial barriers through fundraising for educational stipends that enable youth to choose educational experiences over low paying jobs that do not contribute to their educational goals.     Learn More

Partner with us

Whether you are a physician, health care worker or a member of the Greater Rochester Community, we believe that everyone can make a difference.  Our organization is a 501c3 nonprofit and is  supported fully by donations.  If you share our mission and vision and are interested in partnering for change, please consider making a tax deductible contribution to help be the bridge  our youth need to go  from dreams to  careers in science and medicine.

If you are planning to give to United Way this year, why not give to benefit Black Physicians Network of Greater Rochester Inc?  Our donor designation number is 3349.

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