Bridge to Success Program

Many children start life with dreams of becoming doctors or other healthcare professionals. Many come from families with no history of such careers. Unfortunately, many of these dreams fail to be realized.

The Gaps

Disadvantaged youth face many barriers to achieving successful careers in the medical field. Many lack:

  • encouragement from family and/or friends
  • financial resources
  • access to tangible role models
  • mentoring
  • exposure to professionals actively practicing the careers that the students dream of attaining
  • Knowledge of what opportunities are available to them
  • Safety and security as a result of high rates of violence in their community

Many students also face discrimination and suffer from isolation and depression, leading them to ultimately give up their educational goals and career dreams.

The Bridge

The Black Physicians Network of Greater Rochester, Inc. Bridge Program helps bridge the gaps faced by many disadvantaged minority youths.  Through the program, these youths receive:

  • Mentoring from physicians that have successfully overcome many of the same challenges that they face
  • Opportunities to shadow physicians that understand the challenges they face
  • Exposure to tangible role models
  • Enlightenment regarding the vast opportunities available to them in the medical field
  • Networking opportunities with practicing physicians as well as other high school and college students, medical students, residents and fellows in the medical field.

The Program also provides educational scholarships as well as bridge funding to help overcome the often overlooked barriers to education such as books, application fees, exam prep courses etc.

Help Them Succeed

There are many ways to help disadvantaged minority youth as a community member:

  • Refer high school and college students to the program
  • Donate your time as a physician to serve as a mentor or provide shadowing experiences.
  • Donate supplies or services to the program.
  • Make a monetary donation to support scholarships, bridge funding, networking events, and educational programs for the students

 Partner with us in being a bridge to a brighter future for a disadvantaged minority  youth.